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In the colonial period, various types of wooden houses, like the colonial-style Cape Cod and the Saltbox style, etc. Each type of house plan has a different house private, however, these three types of another house were the most popular. This is a wooden house Saltbox is the wood that has become so popular in the late 17.

Saltbox came his way similar to the shape of the container in which the salt is sold incolonial period. The Saltbox style prototype developed by the expansion of settlers and a small place. A small room was built on the back that is connected to the main house, a shed and the need for more space. As mentioned above this type of wooden house has been very popular for the structures of the colonial period in the early Republic, perhaps because of its simple design and many new houses were built in the style.

Saltbox house is in colonial stylearchitecture, originally, and often associated with New England. However, his historical examples are in the South and the "drag" the cat's name that refers to the shape of the roof. Saltbox homes can be seen as a timber. Wooden post and beam construction and the means to reach large pieces of wood with wooden joints, such as mortise and tenon, or wooden pegs, braces, or farms. Metal spikes were used sparingly because of its cost. woodThe building was the method of construction for all-century wooden houses, 17 and 18 in Latin, where the abundance of wood made wood frame house in the popular. The exterior of a Saltbox has often done with boards or panels. Saltbox wooden house was built on two floors, front and rear, a roof with sloping walls and asymmetrical short-term and long-term upper front, back. The facade of the house is flat and the back line of the roof is steep. Thestrong central fireplace is a simple but effective. The simplicity and strength of this design for the first time around 1650, Saltbox homes still popular today.

The authenticity of its original style, with attention to detail, with more than 8-12 sash windows well hidden under the eaves, a central fireplace and a shed in the back or the roof chute cat. The floor of the house of the simplicity and the look of wood Saltbox house is attracting attention.

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